John Camelford
"I think LensPen is a great product. It works extremely well and I know it will never damage my valuable Leica lenses. I have a LensPen in each camera bag, one in my photo vest and another on the shelf in my camera cabinet. I use them all the time to keep my lenses sparkling. Thank you Parkside for a great product!"
- John Camelford, Pond’s Foto Source
Ken Lassiter
"...I've been showing the (LensPen) to people on my workshops and other places I go and talking about it in seminars I do. People are very impressed when they see what the pen can do and ask where they can get it and I've been telling them most camera stores carry it. Just got back from Yellowstone and about 10 of us were standing around talking and I showed it to them and all of them (all pros) were going to get one when they got back home."
- Ken Lassiter, Senior Photo Education Consultant, Photo Imaging Education Association
Andy Long
"I am a strident supporter of the LensPen! I laughed at the sales rep who first brought in to our store. It seemed like just another hokey gadget and I ignored it on the shelf. At some point, one of our staff decided to take it to an old beater of a screw mount lens that we had just written off as a dust catcher.

The LensPen cleaned it right up to the point where it was once again a viable lens, and sold shortly after that. That was the point when I came to believe in your product. My personal inventory of LensPens varies from 1 to 5. It all depends when my son decides to return some of my equipment (including the various number of those pens!) They are the first cleaning tool I reach for, both to use in the store and to recommend to customers. I still haven't figured out how your cleaning compound works, but work it does. It definitely is a superior product."
-Andy Long, First Light Productions , USA
Brent Walton
" I've been a user of LensPen products since the first day I saw them in a camera store in Walnut Creek, California.  They are amazing.
I love my Lenspen.  The large size for me is the perfect size.  As a professional photographer, I shoot with some big glass like the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 Lens.  The large concave tip is perfect for cleaning those convex curves.  It hugs the class and gets it cleaner than any cloth/liquid combination.  It even gets my big 15mm f2.8 fisheye nice and clean.  The glass on it is nearly spherical and yet the Lenspen gets those edges that are difficult to get with a cloth.

By the way, let me tell you what really sold me on LensPen...
When the Canon 5D first came out, I bought one.  I was excited that I could get a digital SLR, full-frame, for such a great price.  A few months later, I noticed a large speck of dust on the sensor.  Someone suggested some removable 3M tape.  I tried it, and it left an nasty residue.  It picked up the dust, but now things were worse.

Figuring I may have really screwed up my $3300 camera, I thought I'd try Q-tips and other things since I wouldn't make it worse.  All my attempts just made things worse.

I then took my smallest lens pen and after a few swipes the sensor was clean.   It didn't reach the corners because of the round shape, but out of desperation, I carved it down to fit the corners.   I now carry a LensPen sensor cleaning pen in my bag. "
- Brent Walton, Photography by db walton LLC, PPA Member, Palmyra Photographic Workshops
Bruised Passports

"There was a time when I used to use a micro-fibre cloth to wipe clean my lenses but I read somewhere that it wasn't good for the glass. I got the DSLR Pro Kit which comes with 3 lenspens - one for the lens, one for the viewfinder and 1 for the filters. Although I haven't used the one for filters yet (I don't use any filters at the moment), I can safely say that the pens work wonders on the lens glass and the viewfinder. My view finder used to be perpetually dirty and smudgy but not any more. The MicroPro does an amazing job of keeping the view finder of my D610 clean. The Lenspen on the other hand makes sure that there are no smudges or dust on my lenses. The design is great - a brush on one end and the carbon tip on the other so you have a 2-in-1 function. Love the design of the pouch that comes with it. Really happy to have discovered this kit and needless to say it's always in my camera bag :)" - Read More

- Savi and Vid, Bruised Passports
Jimmy Chin
"On a big wall, on any sort of climb, I always have a LensPen,When I ditch everything else, it's always the last thing in my bag. I carried it on Everest, Denali, Meru, and it's saved me many times"
- Jimmy Chin, Sierra Magazine, March/Apr
The Tech Reviewer
“It is common for someone to spend hundreds and often thousands of dollars on a DSLR camera and additional lenses. Since there is so much money invested, it is essential to keep a camera like this in perfect condition in order to achieve optimal performance and longevity… The people over at LensPen have realized this issue and bundled three of their great products to form the DSLR Pro Kit.” Read More
“I found the LensPen MiniPro to be an excellent product at an affordable price tag. The smaller design is perfect for the compact cameras found on the consumer market today and it can fit in virtually any camera bag.” Read More
-The Tech Reviewer
Home Cinema Guru
“I recently acquired a LensPen product to clean projector lenses and flat panels. The results are nothing short of perfection.” Read More
Live Snap Love
“The LensPen is handy, quick and works really well - I like the fact that I have my brush and cleaning element in one, and it's easy to store in my bag and use when I'm out about.” Read More
- LiveSnapLove.com
Gene Berkenbile

"Since I have bought your products, my lenses, cameras & filters have never been cleaner except for when I first bought them & even then, there may have been
slight residue or a smudge or two!

I love your products & continue to tell other photographers that don't use any that they need to, at the very least, get a LensPen to clean their lens with! It is no doubt, the best option for cleaning a lens & I never leave for a shoot without one in my bag! I have several of the 3 pen kits & another older LensPen in one of my older bags, along with the SensorKlear Loupe, just in case I encounter a situation that needs the sensor to be checked & cleaned if necessary!"

- Gene Berkenbile, Gene Berkenbile Photography
ScreenKlean™ (Formerly SideKick™)
Wired.com GeekDad
“It’s the future of cleaning for your iDevice. It’s black and sleek and cool looking. Even its name is cool, the LensPen SideKick.” Read More.
“SideKick does a great job in cleaning an iPad Screen. Rating: 9 out of 10.” Read More.
Jonathan Margolis
“If there is one flaw in the late Steve Jobs’s vision of a post-PC era, it’s that the iPad and other tablet screens get disgusting and smeary after a few minutes’ use. [SideKick is] for those of us with screen OCD.” Read More.
-Jonathan Margolis, Financial Times/How to Spend It
“Everyone who owns an iDevice, or any other brand of smartphone or tablet, knows how hard it is to keep the touch screen clean of fingerprints, oil, and any other “ick” that makes its way onto the screen. Instead of fighting the never-ending cleaning battle with messy sprays and cloths, why not try the SmartKlear and SideKick by LensPen?” Read More.
Z6 Magazine
“If you’ve ever found yourself grossed out by how dirty your smartphone screen has become or how smudged your tablet has ended up, we found the product for you. SmartKlear … uses the same, grease-cutting carbon compound that photographers and tablet users use to remove fingerprints from lenses, filters and screens.” Read More
-Z6 Magazine
Technology Tell
“A few passes of the SmartKlear will leave your screen totally devoid of fingerprints, grime, and oils, and you can even use it to clean the back of your iPhone 4/4S to remove fingerprints from the camera.” Read More
-Aaron Krause, Technology Tell
SensorKlear Loupe®
Michael Corral
" Words cannot describe the craven fear I have felt over the arduous task of cleaning my sensor on my four-month old Canon 5D. I spend a long time each night on Dpreview.com talking to other pros about digital photography. It was there that someone mentioned the SensorKlear and how great it was. So I bought one and tried it.
I had some oil residue from the sides of the sensor that I smeared on the sensor glass filter with the brush. I also had dust specks I could never get my sensor 100% clean with the brush or Rocket Blower.
Your SensorKlear worked so well with just one cleaning I was shocked! And with a second cleaning my sensor was 100% spotless!
I am blown away by how well your product works! I'm going to buy another one to keep with me at all times. It's extremely important is clean for every shot. Now, thanks to your product, I will never have to worry about it. The SensorKlear is easy and fun to use.
Your product is without a doubt the best product on the market for cleaning sensors on digital cameras. "
-Michael Corral, Professional Photographer Sherman Oaks, CA
Colin Jones
“ Overall, I was quite impressed with the results… In terms of easy of use, the SensorKlear II is a no-brainier and I’d definitely recommend this product to all but the most apprehensive or dust-spot-conscientious photographers… The fact that the product is: easy to use, doesn’t include any liquids, is portable and affordable makes it something I would recommend every photographer carry in their bag. "
"Highly Recommended"   - Read More
- Colin Jones, Freelance Photographer
Gene Berkenbile2

"I used to use another type of cleaning kit for my older Canon 400D body years ago that involved a liquid solution, swabs/wand & was terrified at using it, even after doing the cleaning several times!
Using the SensorKlear Loupe system the first time was so easy, it seemed like I had used it for years!

The simplicity of the SensorKlear Loupe system still amazes me but no other system compares to it! If you want to save on having your sensor cleaned through a third party, trust me when I say that after many years of using this system, I can still say that it is the best system out there with no comparisons to choose from. If you want a clean sensor, or just want to see if your sensor needs cleaning, the SensorKlear Loupe is the system that everyone needs to own!
It’s a pleasure to use your products!"

- Gene Berkenbile, Gene Berkenbile Photography
Camera Dojo
“This is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a camera as it is the single best way to clean your sensor and doesn’t use any liquids that leave behind residue”. Read More
- CameraDojo.com
Jeff Guyer
--- This article first appeared on Digital Photography School ---

“The SensorKlear Loupe Kit comes from the same company that manufactures the LensPen– one of my favourite lens-cleaning tools…
As with anything, there is no one perfect solution to the challenge of maintaining a dust-free sensor.  For me, though, the quality of the tools, their ease of use, as well as their results, make this kit a great choice if you are ready to start cleaning your own sensor.” - Read More
- Jeff Guyer, Guyer Photography
Bruised Passports2

"I owned a Nikon D80 for 5 years before I bought my D610 and in those 5 years I never once dared touch the sensor. Not because it was squeaky clean, but because I was too afraid to do wet cleaning. With an FX camera though, the sensor attracts more dust, it's more visible, and with my new 28-300mm zoom lens dust makes its way more frequently to the sensor than it did with my old camera and zoom lens. I'd read good reviews for the SensorKlear Loupe kit so I got one for myself. I must admit that I was [scared] the first time I tried it - it's easy to use but hey, I was touching the sensor of my 6 month old D610 which cost me an arm and a leg. After a couple of tries, I was at ease and it was great seeing the dust that I was removing. The Loupe magnifies the sensor and you can see where exactly the dust particles are. You try to blow them with the hurricane blower and examine again. If there are some stubborn particles, you then insert the SensorKlear pen through the strategic opening in the Loupe, all the while confident of where you are touching the sensor. The pen has edges, which help dislodge the stubborn dust particles, which can then be removed using the blower. That's about it - you repeat this process until you are satisfied. The few times I have done this till now, I have been mighty pleased with the results and definitely prefer this over doing a wet clean or sending to the professionals for an expensive servicing. One suggestion - before you start using it on your sensor, spend some time getting familiar with the Loupe and inserting the pen through the opening - this will give you an idea of the distance of the sensor from the opening, how to manoeuvre the pen, and get used to the magnification of the Loupe. Happy cleaning :)" - Read More

- Savi and Vid, Bruised Passports

LensPen Sensorklear Loupe Kit Pros

  • Very effective cleaning system
  • Articulated Sensorklear pen is easy to use Illuminated loupe makes spotting dust easy
  • Blower is effective at removing loose particles
  • Carry pouch and batteries included
  • Dedicated setting for Micro Four Thirds
  • Very good value for money

LensPen Sensorklear Loupe Kit Cons

  • Loupe doesn't quite cover the whole area of a full frame sensor
  • Protective film on loupe eyepiece can be difficult to remove

    To read the full article, click here: LensPen Sensorklear Loupe Kit Verdict