Why Lenspen?

Why do organizations like NASA, Nikon and Canon purchase our products?
  • LensPen is SAFE and LensPen WORKS!
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Years ago many people cleaned mirrors or window panes with newspaper… Why did this work so well?
  • Newspaper is covered with printing ink
  • Printing ink is made with a carbon compound
  • Carbon molecules have a unique ability to absorb huge amounts of oils and contaminants
  • The cleaning tip of LensPen is impregnated with a unique carbon compound. THE CARBON DOES THE CLEANING!
Lenspen Features


  • Use on all optical lenses, LCD, plasma and glass surfaces


  • Nothing removes oily fingerprints and dust better than a LensPen!


  • Compact size, no liquids, easy to use!


  • Unique designs, colors, and shapes for different applications!


  • Cannot dry out, unaffected by temperature, over 500 cleanings each!